Face-to-face contact opportunities:
Over the years, KidsCan has hosted many face-to-face contact opportunities.  These events are designed to bring together families fighting pediatric cancer.  If you have a child with cancer receiving primary treatment in Minnesota or recently out of treatment, please sign up.

Upcoming Events

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No events currently scheduled.

Past Events

  • Parade Participation: A great way for families to get to know one another, families join in local parades during the summer.  Having our kids on parade floats is fun and great for their self-esteem; it also raises awareness about pediatric cancer.
  • Parent Nights Out: A great way for parents to take a break and bond with others with kids with cancer.
  • Workshops & Retreats: On occasion, KidsCan conducts workshops and retreats for parents, caregivers and siblings of pediatric cancer patients.
  • Blood Drives: In concert with the American Red Cross and friends around Minnesota, KidsCan helps organize and facilitate blood drives.  We know firsthand the role that generous blood donations play in the treatment of pediatric oncology patients.