KidsCan of Minnesota provides the following program supports to families fighting childhood cancer.

Note: KidsCan of Minnesota Programs have been discontinued as of December 2021.

Face-to-face opportunities:
Over the years, KidsCan has hosted many face-to-face contact opportunities.  These events are designed to provide contact opportunities for you – families fighting childhood cancer.  Click here to view upcoming KidsCan events.

Patient Tote Bags – Discontinued:
KidsCan delivers tote bags containing age and gender-appropriate gifts and a gift card to any pediatric oncology patient family being treated in the state of Minnesota. The bags also contain resources, supplies and items to help make hospital stays easier.

- Click here to sign up for a tote bag.

- If you would like to help in our mission in delivering these tote bags, refer to the How To Help page.


Information Resources:

Oncology Family Handbooks:
KidsCan of Minnesota provides financial support to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota by funding production of the resource guides that each patient family receives upon diagnosis.  These books provide quick access to each patient’s treatment protocol and records.  They continue to serve as a reference guide even after treatment is complete.

Links to other resources:
KidsCan has compiled lists of other organizations useful to families fighting childhood cancer.  Information has been grouped into two categories.  Select the desired link to view.

  1. General Resources
  2. Scholarships

If you know of an organization that you would like to see included on this list, please Contact KidsCan of Minnesota and provide the necessary information.