Mikaela Hanson, Germinoma Brain Tumor

This all started in March 2006 when my mom took me in for a physical and to see why I hadn’t grown much in the last two years. After a whirlwind of tests (MRI’s, CAT scan, PET scan, spinal taps, and blood work) it was determined that I had a tumor on my pituitary gland but a biopsy was necessary to figure out what type of tumor it was. The biopsy was done May 15. (I was in the hospital all week and had 45 stitches around my face!) It was determined that I have a Germinoma (germ cell tumor) that is Malignant (cancerous). I went through 4 rounds of chemo and one month of radiation. The doctor says they can cure 95% of these type of tumors. And guess what? She was right! I am now officially four years out of treatment and am just dealing with post treatment side effects.

Cancer is  rough, but you just have to keep your head up and don’t ever give up hope!

Mikaela, survivor, age 15